A family business

Plásticos Regidor was founded back in 1994. Our many years of experience allow us to efficiently provide our potential customers with a wide range of high-quality long-lasting materials. Our products can be both virgin or 100% recycled, depending on the needs of each industry. Therefore, our personalized solutions are focused on meeting the requirements of each individual client.

What do we do?

1 . Reuse

First of all, all agricultural and industrial waste goes through a set of blades turning it into tiny granules, called pellets.

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2 . Extrusion

The high temperature and friction of an interior shaft make those pellets melt resulting in a uniform mass. After this, colouring products are added to it upon client request.

3 . Printing

There is the option of customizing the product by printing your own brand logo on the material before cutting it.

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